A reliable heating plant as the selling edge

The original business idea of Finnish BMC Ltd, founded in 2006, was to manufacture heating plants for its own use and sell district heating from them to municipalities and companies.

After the first heating plant was completed, it became apparent that the heating solutions aroused interest and that there was a need for plants which worked well. Therefore we decided to start selling heating plants, in addition to using our own.

Our objective is to manufacture plants that are as reliable as possible. Keeping an eye on the plant on a daily basis is good, but it must  be able to work without that as well. To quote the words of a customer: I haven’t been inside the plant for two months, it’s just worked.

Almost any kind of biomaterial can be used as a fuel

Currently, we use four of our own heating plants, which are of different sizes and use different kinds of solutions, consistently giving us the best possible feedback. This way, we can continuously develop our products to work even better.

We have created a concept which can efficiently burn almost all biofuels in solid form. Our plant can make use of difficult fuels such as drying waste, cereal husks, milled peat, crushed demolition waste, and so on.

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We are extremely proud of our products and hope that even more customers are able to find us and see for themselves just how carefree the work of our Complete plants can be.

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