Complete partial installation

We will carry out partial installations of Complete heating plants in a way tailor-made to your needs. We will deliver everything needed to install a solid fuel heating plant, into an existing or new building.

We make components that fit together well, guaranteeing a reliable heating plant solution. You can take care of installing the components yourself or our well-trained team can take care of it for you, either partially or completely.

For example, we can deliver the parts required for a woodchip heating plant and update an old heating plant.

Complete partial installation can consist of the following components, for example:

  • A woodchip holding tank or just a pull bar storage base
  • Conveying screws
  • Conveying screw motors with their gears
  • Boiler
  • Automatic sweeping
  • Multifuel Arina
  • Combustion air blowers
  • Ash screw
  • The ash screw motor with its gears
  • Ash container
  • Smoke gas blower
  • Multicyclone
  • Smoke flue
  • Automation with GSM alerts, stepless lambda control etc.
  • Hydraulic assembly
  • Dry cooking cover
  • Energy meters
  • Water circulator pumps
  • Complete or partial installation
  • Complete HWA and electrical installation and design

Let a professional take care of the heating plant installation. Contact us and ask for more information!

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