Complete Modul

Complete Modul is a professional-level heating plant, which has been developed for high energy requirements. The plant consists of modules, which allow moving and assembling to be done in a flexible and easy manner.

Reliable and rarely in need of maintenance

Complete Modul is a reliable heating plant that suits all kinds of biofuels. It is constructed in a sensible and cost-effective way and has no surplus of moving parts. For this reason, it is more reliable and requires less maintenance. 

All of our heating plants achieve their nominal power with almost any kind of fuel. Multifuel is large-sized and placed in the ceramic burner. A good balance is facilitated by clean running, a high efficiency ratio and the possibility to burn extremely difficult and moist fuels as well.

An affordable and cost-effective solution

The Complete Modul can be fitted with different kinds of fuel holding tank solutions, such as 70–350 m3 module holding tanks or a pull bar storage frame. Complete Modul is stable and economical in terms of overall cost!

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Complete Modul

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